Foodie Penpals

Whoop! This month was my first month of being a Foodie Penpal. This basically entails sending someone a parcel of foodie goodies once a month and you get one in return! My mates were all calling me a geek for doing this (hey, I love food!) but my flat mates soon changed their minds when they saw what I got from the lovely Sand. Sand was brilliant from the start as I was very vague about what I liked. I have to say I wasn't being difficult; I just like pretty much everything! Sand was also visiting Italy so I received some amazing stuff from there and because she lives in Brighton I got to thank her personally and she put in a little bit more...........

Anyway here's what I got:
  • Italian lemon biscuits
  • REAL italian mozzarella
  • Italian pasta
  • Italian garlic
  • homemade lemon macaroons
  • homemade banana bread

How lucky I am! The mozzarella was incredible and I had it with really ripe tomatoes, basil and a drizzle of olive oil, delicious! Another highlight was the lemon macaroons which Sand has said she will send me the recipe for as they were incredible. The banana bread was also good!

Can't wait to have the pasta and think I'm going to use the lemon biscuits as a base for a lemon cheesecake or something. Thanks so much Sand!

A massive thank you Carol Anne for organising Foodie Penpals in Europe. If you want anymore information on the scheme or want to join click on the button at the bottom of the page.


This month I got my foodie penpal from Kim. The parcel came wrapped in licorice allsorts wrapping paper; very cute. I got some tandoori rub, some caramel and salted nuts (these were amazing!), some garlic ale (haven't tried this yet and a mint hot chocolate set complete with mini marshmallows! She also wrapped up some teapig tea bags like a snowball! Fantastic, thanks Kim!


  1. LOOK at that macaron! I can practically taste it just from your photo. Wonderful to get such authentic ingredients in your parcel :D

  2. What a great photo, that macaroon looks and sounds amazing! If Sand doesn't have her own blog, would she let you share the recipe here, do you think?

  3. Love it! Mrs Turner xxx