A taste of home

At the weekend The Boy and I went to the funeral of his amazing and oh so lovely Nana, Eleanor. One of her many attributes was her cooking; from chicken pie to the most amazing profiteroles. At the funeral her collected recipes came out and the whole family had a tear jerking moment reminiscing about how her meals used to bring everyone together. This got me thinking about my own food memories. My own Nana, who lives in Portugal, always took me to the port for freshly caught BBQ sardines with a juicy red tomato salad, my Granny who cooked me fantastic gammon and parsley sauce. These meals are a huge part of my childhood and have had a massive influence on my own cooking. Probably the biggest influence was my gorgeous mummy. I was a VERY lucky child who was fortunate enough to always have a home cooked meal on the table every night. Looking back I remember buttered skate wing, roast chicken, broad bean and feta salad, blimey my mum can cook.

The memories of particular meals make me think very fondly of my childhood and I know The Boy and his family have the same fond memories. They decided to collate her recipes into a 'Nana Cookbook'. I thought this was such a fantastic idea; the memories would then continue from possibly generation to generation and The Boys memories may well become his grandchild's memories. So i decided to try out the equivalent in a blog. When I have Eleanor's recipes (with family permission) I'll share them with my own families recipes and I would love other people to do the same.

If you have any family recipies that you think are just too good to keep to yourself please blog them below.

Susie xxx


  1. hey susie- very beautiful blog!!- and such taste!!!- artistic and culinary!!

  2. Thanks so much Maurice, it means a lot xx