Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's all me me me!

Right. When started this blog (albeit only 3 days ago) I decided I didn't want it to be 'oh. Get me, look at what I cook'. But I cooked my boyfriend a meal yesterday and he insisted I blog about it. Now, it may be because he thought that this particular dish was so magical and spectacular that I had to share with you fine people who read this (thanks Mum), however I have the sneaking suspicion it's because (as usual) he does not want to listen to me blabbing on about the highs and lows of this, a Monday nights dinner.

I've decided to humour him (or maybe I am me me me!) and add the recipe.

Sesame Tuna (serves a boy and a girl)

2 tuna steaks
a good lug of soy sauce (around 5 tbsp worth)
dried chili flakes
sesame seed oil ( 2 tbsp)3 cloves garlic (diced)
bunch of spring onions (sliced)
thumb piece of ginger

Noodles ( I used Tai Wan- simply because I liked the look of them in the Chinese supermarket, udon or any noodles that tickle your fancy would also be great)
what ever veg you like stir fried (I used spinach, peeled carrot and cabbage)

What you need to do!

Marinate the tuna in the the first 6 ingredients for around an hour (if you grate the ginger in directly you won't waste any of the fiery juice). Sprinkle sesame seeds on to a plate

Cook the noodles ( not too soft or you'll end up with soppy noodle mush)

When either the times up, or you've got too hungry, shake off any bits of onion etc. off the tuna and coat in the sesame seeds ( if you lay the steaks on top and then press firmly the seeds will stick) and put to one side.
Heat up two pans and in one chuck in your veg. Stir fry for literally a couple of seconds then wack the noodles in then straightaway put your tuna steaks on in the other pan. Give the veg a little shake then flip the steaks. Finally chuck the tuna marinade over the veg (another little hip working shake) and plate up with veggie noodle goodness topped with a lush tuna steak!

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