Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Bloody Good Burger

Blimey its been ages since I wrote on here!

It's festival time in Brighton at the moment and last Saturday The Boy and I popped down to the Old Steine to try The Trolls Pantry's burger. I bloody love a good burger (but have been known to eat pretty horrible ones at silly times in the morning) and I had heard great things about the Trolls offerings so I was very excited. They were very friendly behind the counter and spoke passionately about their product (free range is old news, its ALL about wild range!). I'm one of those sad people who love watching my food being cooked and I loved the attention to detail with the Troll; from steaming the bun at the end, to the totally amazing relishes (all homemade of course). The end results was seriously tasty. The patty was slightly pink middle, ok because the meat was so high quality, and The Boy and I decided it was up there with the greats. Hats off to you Trolls Pantry.
Bloody lovely

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