Friday, 30 August 2013

Street Diner

Every Friday since the 26th April I have been slightly grouchy at lunch time. The reason for this is Street Diner, an awesome street food market in Brighton that I have NOT been able to go to because I teach on the outskirts!! I have had to put up with The Boy coming back and telling me about the amazing lunches he had (although he bought me Picnic Corner's delicious scotch eggs back a couple of times, he knows what's good for him!). I have also had to salivate over other people's bloody photos on twitter and read a few blogs, check out Rosie's post on Street Diner here and give her follow whilst your there.

 So when summer holidays eventually came I was VERY excited! My first trip was gay pride day. I had an Jian Ping which was an awesome pancake with duck and egg. It was seriously tasty. 

As I was trying to get in as many stalls as possible in the 6 weeks I also had a Trolls Pantry. I am no stranger to this place but hadn't had it in ages. I was actually a tiny bit disappointed! The burger and trimmings were delicious as always but the bun was a bit stale, sure this was a one off as The Boy is now a huge troll fan and he knows his burgers. The next Friday, what a surprise; I was at street diner again! This time I had a friend (a very fussy one) and was trying to decide between Hallo Chorizo or the South American tosada. I love my friend but she doesn't share and I did not want the inevitable food envy so we both went for chorizo. Oh sweet Jesus. It was fricken amazing. I couldn't decide between romesco sauce or homemade lemon aioli (obviously I was having chorizo AND halloumi) and so the lovely lady did me half and half. The two ladies who were cooking up a storm were really friendly and I always love a bit of banter! The chorizo and halloumi are grilled and served in Flint Owl bakery rolls with tomato salad and rocket. As I just thought how to describe the taste I just closed my eyes and sighed. It was that good. Smokey, spicy chorizo, oozy salty halloumi, garlicky, lemony, herby, peppery goodness. It was so good that the following Friday I went and got another one!

 However, so I could carry on with my quest to taste as much as possible The Boy got the ribs with plantain chips and dumplings from Likkle Bickle which was really tasty. I also got some gorgeous brownies from Honeycomb cakes for my friend’s birthday, although they didn't all necessarily find their way to my friend......

My Street Diner mission was put on hold whilst I went on holiday to Spain. However I did have a craving for Hallo Chorizo so tried to recreate it. Although it didn't quite live up to the original it satisfied my craving, I’ll blog about it at some point! Once back from sunning myself I was eager to get my Street Diner back on. I had been eyeing up the Little Blue Smokehouse, probably due to the hunks for meat! I have to say I could never be a vegetarian because of places like Little Blue Smokehouse. Happy meat, happy duck. I had pastrami with the world’s biggest pickle, yum.

School starts again on Tuesday but blossoming relationship with Brighton's first street food market can continue as they are now open on Saturdays, woohoo! That's my weekend plans sorted!

Catch Street Diner at Brighthelm Gardens on Queens Road. Friday 11-3 and Saturday 12-5. 

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