Thursday, 26 July 2012

Yum Yum Ninja

I am a huge fan of Riddle and Finns and so when I saw they were opening an Asian sister restaurant I was very excited. Then I saw they were offering 50% off on their first 2 opening days; I nearly wet myself with excitement!

So last Friday I dragged The Boy to sample the Asian delights. The place looks cool. The outside is all black with obligatory lanterns which look lovely at night. Inside is pretty chic, with wooden tables and walls, and birdcages. We were immediately met by a very lovely waitress and within minutes had our drinks and complimentary bits (a fermented, spicy cabbage, pickled cucumber and something else which I've forgotten). The menu was exciting and fitted all price ranges. After much deliberation we settled on Singapore chilli crab, lobster dim sum and barbeque crispy pork. When the food arrived my tongue did its little excited dance, it looked amazing. We lucked into the lobster dim sum first. The sweet meat was complimented by a dipping sauce (soy and vinegar I think?), it was fantastic.
lobster Dim Sum

We then tucked into the crab. At first we didn't have any tools but these were soon provided by our lovely waitress. The crab was very fresh and tasty lovely. However, personally I would have liked a bit of ginger and lime to cut through the sweetness as it did become sickly after a while. I also think that maybe they should ask customers if they know how to 'do' a crab as a novice may not realise how much white meat is in the main body.

Singapore Chilli Crab

 Lastly we moved onto the pork. Jesus this tasted goooood! Sticky, sweet and sightly smokey. Again, on a personal preference I would have liked it crispy, but that's just me. And for a grand total of £35 for the both of us with the 50% off (including wine) it was all a bloody bargin.

hmmmmmm bbq pork

For a second day I really take my hat off to Yum Yum Ninja and I urge people to go. I really hope they get the traffic as so many restaurants seem to have failed in that location. However, with Riddle and Finns being just next door and with the food being so tasty I'm sure they'll be just fine, I'll definitely be going again soon


  1. Ooooh, I really wanna go! My friend's went on the second day and said they'd run out of nearly everything and were fairly disappointed by what they did have so nice to hear someone say good things x

  2. It was good, like I said a few teething problems but for second day open pretty good! 50% off was a massive bonus!x